Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CVE-2014-6352 When defenses fall - eliminating the use of .inf files and bypassing Antiviruses!

Regarding CVE-2014-6352 and CVE-2014-4114 as we know .inf files were used in malware samples found in the wild to execute the executable payloads. One of the workaround from Microsoft was to Block the launching of executables via Setup information files (

But  CVE-2014-6352 requires .inf files to execute the payload is a myth which we are going to bust in this blog.

We took a public sample with embedded executable and .inf. When we unzipped it there were 2 ole objects there

OleObject1.bin - which is embedded executable
OleObject2.bin - which is exbedded .inf file

We created another ole object with putty.exe as executable payload. Renamed it as OleObject2.bin

Replaced it in exploit sample and created .ppsx file. When we executed the POC ppxs BOOM our payload got executed proving that using .inf files in not necessary in this particular exploit.

With this method we bypassed 3 things:

1) One of the workaround from MS to prevent the exploit
2) Antivirus signatures
3) Size limit of the executable

Below is the AV scan report of the POC we created. And its a bad news that none of the major AV detects the exploit.

Friday, October 31, 2014

ASL HackMe Labs - Yet another vulnerable web application!

ASL HackMe Labs is yet another vulnerabile web application to practice various web based attacks. You can practice many web application attacks with these labs. Can be installed in both XAMPP and WAMPP.
To install extract all contents in web root.
Create a database named "security" and import security.sql file to it.
For RFI to work set allow_url_include=On and allow_url_fopen=On in your php.ini

Attacks You Can Practice With ASL HackMe Labs are

1) SQLi login bypass
2) SQLi Error Based
3) SQLi UNION based
4) Bilnd SQLi
5) SQLi filter bypassing
7) User Agent based SQLi
8) XSS through SQLi
9) Upload webshell through SQLi
10) XSS
11) User Agent based XXS
12) Full Path Disclosure
13) LFI
14) RFI
15) PHP Wrapper injections
16) Cookie based SQLi
17) Image Upload bypasses
18) Javascript Login Bypass
19) Logs Poisoning
20) Remote Command Execution
21) Header Injections

There are three realistic scenarios also.

Download ASL HackMe Labs Here

Keep checking our blog and youtube channel for ASL HackMe Labs tutorials:
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

CVE-2014-6352 OLE Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Here is working exploit POC for CVE-2014-6352 OLE Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. Available through our exploit subscription and binary analysis program.